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This is currently what we're looking for raiding, but all other class are always welcome to submit an application.
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Welcome to Abomination's website!

Who is Abomination? We are a raiding guild in WoW on the Alliance side of the Llane server. We are a mature group of players who promote a laid back, casual atmosphere in the guild, but know when to kick it into gear and get serious (but not TOO serious) when it's time to down some bosses. For a more detailed run down of who we are you can read about us here! If you're interested in joining us, please fill out an application and contact one of the officers in-game!

If interested, click
>>> JOIN US <<<

Other Guild News

Buh bye Guild Portal!

xBlazinx, Oct 16, 11 5:53 PM.
Hai Guise,

We are moving to a new guild site. 
Make sure you register so we could verify your account.
It's a much better site; look, features and much more. 
Don't forget to hit the donation box when you get there!

KFC + Deep-Fried Scorps = One Nasty Heartburn. WTB Tums?!

xBlazinx, Sep 24, 11 11:53 AM.
... and the kill shot. Raggy-boy, you're next in line.

Gate extinguished to Rag!

xBlazinx, Sep 14, 11 6:34 PM.
After several grueling weeks, Abom finally managed to extinguished the fiery gate to Staghelm and Ragnaros, guarded by Baleroc. Gratz to Awbrey for getting the boots. It sure was a nice kill! Fried chicken here we come! And now the kill shot :)

He was easy after all.

xBlazinx, Aug 24, 11 2:57 AM.
Two attempts on a new boss got us the kill, it was that easy after all. :). Gratz to all who've won their piece! Gratz to Jess for winning the most uberawesomeliciousauce sword of Zoid! Where to next? Baleroc or Aly? Hmm? Hmm? To be continued...

The Black Widow went splat!

xBlazinx, Aug 11, 11 8:42 PM.
Hmmm... do you smell that? That's the smell of a huge deep-fried bitch on our platter! That's right Abom made some delicious dish out of this boss last night for Lord Rhyolith to have before we smash his armor to pieces uh... soon ish? lol. Good Job and gratz to Awbrey for the smexy loot. And here's our kill shot:

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